My Bouquet

Published July 31, 2016 by j2015hall



5 comments on “My Bouquet

      • Hi, I’d find it so difficult time-wise to post daily! When I started blogging (bout 20months or so ago) I planned for about fortnightly posts, often I manage once a week, and sometimes twice a week… I think the main thing is to post sort of regularly, at what best suits you. 🙂 Running a household, family matters, and fitting my arty stuff in, is plenty busy for me – you may find that so yourself. And though I enjoy blogging (such not a pretty sounding word!) it can easily take up too much time.
        I’m really enjoying your posts; it’s great that you are delving into iPad art – it’s such fun, but it seems not that well known about yet. You may enjoy a visit to this website: .. I subscribe to their newsletter.. No need to take any of their classes, I don’t, just nice to see what other artists are doing on iPads and tablets. Anyway, better dash, housework awaits, and hope to fit in some drawing today.. All the best, Janette. P.s Don’t usually write such long comments! But was nice to say an extended hi to a fellow blogger, and also a fellow artist, who also draws and paints on an iPad. 🙂


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